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Looking top thigh lift surgeons Gurgaon for Thigh Lift surgery to reduce excess fat?Find Average Cost of Thigh Lift Surgery in Gurgaon by best surgeon Gurgaon – Dr. Raja
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This Surgery is requested mostly by women above 50, with large voluminous thighs. These may cause real problems to the patients while walking ( when the thighs of the two sides may rub on each other ), while buying new clothes and also cause embarrassment while going to the beach, in a swimming costume. So the patient presents, to the cosmetic surgeon, for the relief from above problems. Before going in for the surgery, it is very important for the surgeon to have a face to face discussion with the patients, to know their expectations; and to explain to them what is possible and what is not possible.


PRINCIPLE / TECHNIQUE OF THIGH LIFT SURGERY -- When the skin is still young and elastic, it is possible to remove smaller limited deposit of fat by means of Liposuction alone. If skin has lost its elasticity through ageing or major weight loss, a lifting operation is recommended to achieve cosmetic improvement. The operation of thigh lift is performed under general anaesthesia with endotracheal intubation. Before the intervention the area is shaved. In general, one should not combine liposuction with lifting operations, since this may impair the healing process and increase the risk of thrombosis and embolism. For the operation, the patient is placed on the operating table in a supine position, with the knee far apart. If extensive removal of the skin is required, like in a case of extreme weight loss, then it may be necessary to use a urinary catheter both during and shortly after the operation. In the case of skin that has significant cellulite and slackness of the thigh as far as the knee area, it may possible to carry out tightening in a vertical direction in a similar way to upper arm tightening. When tightening the inside of the thigh, the excess cutaneous / fatty flap is resected without tension, and the wound closed in layers, after securing thorough haemostasis, so that after the operation a tension free wound is produced, which must be treated appropriately postoperatively using antibiotics ointments. Dressing is with steristrips that are removed after 8-10 days once the wound has been checked. After the operation compression dressings are used. Antibiotics and thrombosis prophlaxis are given.


POSTOPERATIVE COURSE AND COMPLICATIONS - Correct postoperative treatment after thigh and buttock lift is very important to ensure long term satisfactory results. For 24 hours after the operation the patient should be on bed rest and under constant monitoring in the ward. Careful mobilisation aided by the nurse, starts the day after; but each case has to be individualised and judged on it’s own merit. So as not to impair wound healing, any tension on the suture line should be avoided when the patient stands up. The drain usually is removing after 48-72 hours. It is also preferable for the patient, to get help and supervision from a physiotherapist. The compression garment should be worn for at least upto 1 month after the surgery. After this interval the patient can resume sports activities generally the operation is largely without complications. Very rarely there may be isolated case of complications during or after the surgical intervention, despite taking greatest care. Pressure damage on nerves and soft tissue & skin are rarely possible, but these injuries recede, however, after a few days in almost all cases. After the operation, there may be pain and tension that can sometimes last for some time. The risk of thrombosis is extremely rare since blood thinner measures are used, surgical stockings are worn, and there is early mobilisation. The main complication is the scar formation, as a result of impaired wound healing; for which in post operative period scar reducing measures are used. **Thigh Lift Surgery – Looking for Thigh Lift Surgery in Gurgaon? Contact to Dr. Raja the best Thigh Lift Surgeon Gurgaon offers Thigh Lift in Gurgaon Delhi NCR Mob. 7042355075**


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