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Breast Lift/Mastopexy Surgery Gurgaon

Mastopexy Surgery or Breast Lift is a Cosmetic Surgery procedure designed to elevate breast tissue and the Nipple Areola complex to correct a case of Breast Ptosis or Sagging Breast. Sagging Breast is a Common Complain in women and has many causes. The most common is breast parenchyma involution after pregnancy, excess residual skin after weight loss or explantation of a saline implant and loss of skin elasticity secondary to ageing. However mastopexis are also used to treat congenital and acquired asymmetries as well as congenital deformities such as Tuberous Breasts. Sagging of the breast should not be confused with Gigantomastia or massive breast hypertrophy; for which a formal breast reduction mammaplasty with excision of breast parenchyma is the appropriate treatment .


WORK UP / EVALUATION OF PATIENTS – The ideal patient for mastopexy is one who has a close to normal amount of breast tissue along with a minimal to moderate amount of good quality excess skin. Like all major surgical procedures history of the patient regarding Hypertension, Diabetes, Bronchial Asthama, and TB is noted and controlled / corrected before the surgery. Smoking and Alcohol consumption should be stopped at an adequate interval before the surgery. Preoperative evaluation of the Breast for any scars of previous surgery is very important. If there is need, special investigations like Mammograghy and Ultrasound should be done.


BASIC PRINCIPLES / GOALS OF THE SURGERY -- Most women seeking Mastopexy have a deficiency of the breast tissue in relationship to their skin envelope. Conversely one can also envision the deformity as having too much skin, for the amount of parenchyma present. So for correction of this deformity in most of the mastopexy procedures , only skin is excised ( without removal of the glandular tissue ) & skin is redraped over the remaing glandular structure in such a way, so as to give a firm appearance of the breast . If there is minimal breast tissue in the face of ptosis, the patient may best be served by an augmentation procedure with or without skin excision which is known as Augmentation mastopexy . Advantage include better fill of the skin envelope by virtue of the implant. Augmentation Mastopexy can also be used in a case of Asymmetry when one breast is hypoplastic and other is ptotic. The basic principle of this technique is that, at the time of the surgery, once the breast tissue or muscle is exposed, the pocket for the implant, either submuscular or subglandular, can be formed and the implant inserted. The mastopexy can then be completed.


POST OP COURSE & COMPLICATIONS – Like most of the Breast surgeries, the patient can be discharged from the hospital the day after the surgery. But heavy strenous exercise is avoided for 4-6 weeks. Although most mastopexy procedures produce a higher positioned and shapely breast that pleases most patients; but sometimes overresection , underresection and healing complications may lead to some disappointments. Scars can be minimised depending on the technique and following post operative scar reducing advices.

COST of the surgery

COST of the surgery has to be individualized, depending on multiple factors like – the technique used, if liposuction was done in addition to simple mastectomy & cost of implant, in case of augmentation Mastopexy. Sometimes duration of hospital stay may be a contributing factor. **Breast Lift –Looking for Breast Lift Surgery in Gurgaon? Contact to Dr. Raja the best Breast Lift Surgeon Gurgaon offers Breast Lift Mastopexy Surgery in Gurgaon Delhi NCR Mob. 7042355075**


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