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Acne Scar Treatment/ Laser Acne Scar Removal Gurgaon

Acne vulgaris is the medical term for Pimple, from which many people suffer in different grades, during period of Growing up, specially Puberty. The main reasons of Acne are Increased male hormones at Puberty, increase production of Sebum from the glands, the bacteria called propionibacteria on the skin increases in activity and alter these oils in the skin, to produce Acne. The hair follicle, the site of Acne may get plugged with dead skin cells. Sebum and Bacteria may accumulate and cause pimples (and inflamation). The inflamation if not treated early can lead to damage of hair follicles and surrounding skin, which in turn leads to acne scar.


There are a lots of different treatment modalities available for acne scar treatment surgery, which depends a lot on individual preference and personal Experience of the Doctor concerned.


A lots have been said about the use of LASERS. Lasers basically act on the principle of selective photothermolysis for Acne scar removal. Ablative lasers like Co2 and Erbium lasers have been advocated for use in Acne scar treatment. But it has many limitations too. It should not be used when there is active infection, pregnancy, lactation. It is also not advisable to use it in immunocompromised status. There is need for multiple sittings necessiating long duration of treatment & treatment may not completely eliminate acne scar, & it is expensive; patient with with a history of herpes labialis should receive prophylactic oral anti viral therapy. Absence from work for some time is also required. It may also cause pigmentation and hypertrophic scarring and other side effects like Bacterial infections and activation of herpes simplex. Many pioneer laser users have instructed to avoid these in Dark skin ( Which makes it unsuitable for most indian Patients )


It is a minimally invasive surgical procedure, which has shown a lots of promising results. Although a simple surgical technique for depressed Acne scar, which can be carried out as an daycare procedure. In this procedure, a sharp needle is introduced inside the skin, and moved all around below the scar. This helps in release of these adhesions and the scar is lifted up. The collection of blood in the space created induces connective tissue formation. Of the many different varieties of scar it has been shown to be specially useful for rolling scars, ice pick scar and box car scars. Before the surgery the patient should stop any medications, that affects the coagulation profile like vitamin E and aspirin. It is mostly done under local anaesthesia, using Nokor needle. It may produce some swelling lasting for two to three days.


Since the emergence of Liposuction as one of the most common and also one of the most popular cosmetic surgery in the world, a lots of use for the harvested fat have been found. Fat can be harvested from a part of body with excess fat deposit, like abdomen and inner thigh, under local anaesthesia with/without sedation. From the fat harvested; Microfat and Nanofat can be processed as described by the Famous Belgian Surgeon Dr Patrick Tonnard. The Microfat can be used as a Filler / Fat graft and the Nanofat can be injected for skin rejuvenation. Patient should be followed up to check the donor and recipient sites. Oedema and Mild Bruising are expected after the procedure, and goes off in a few days.


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