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Frequently Asked Questions about Cosmetic Surgery

What is Aesthetic Surgery?

Aesthetic Surgery also Commonly know as cosmetic surgery, is a branch of plastic surgery which alters a persons physical appearance, performed in order to increase his/ her beauty and physical appeal.

In which Country is maximum cosmetic surgery done.

According to International society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 2013 Survery.

Brazil has just surpassed the U.S as the place with the most cosmetic surgeries peformed in the world, even though it has fewer people and collectively less disposable income than the U.S.

Plastic Surgery Procedures In 2013, Per 10,000 People

According to an industry survey of plastic surgeons, Brazilian patients lean more heavily toward surgical procedures, while American patients favor nonsurgical ones.

industry survey of plastic surgeons

Note : “Miscellaneous” includes procedures like fat grafting. “Nonsurgical” includes procedures like Botox, fillers and peels.

Source : International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 2013 survey (PDF), United Nations 2013 population estimates (PDF) Credit: Alyson Hurt / NPR

What are the most common cosmetic surgery done in men ?

The most common Procedures which men undergo are hair transplant, liposuction, Gynecomastia (male breast reduction).

What are the different methods of Hair restoration.

Hair Restoration is a surgical procedure to correct baldness in men. The different techniques used are:-

  • Transplantation of hair Follicle- The most modern and most reliable technique. Depending on the method of Harvesting hair follicles , it can be divided into two categories:-

    * Follicular Unit Hair Transplantion (FUT) :- Hair units are removed from a donor strip excised from back of head. FUT is Considered as a the gold standard , widely considered to be the most effective methods of hair transplantation. 67.5 % of all hair transplant in 2012 was by this method.

    * Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE):- Individual hair units are removed directly from the donor area , by micro punch individually, follicle by follicle and transplanted to the recipient area. 32.2 % of hair transplant in 2012 was by this method.


  • Scalp Reduction Surgery:- 0.2% case 2012

  • Scalp flap surgery:- 0.1 % case in 2012.

What is percentage of male to female ratio of hair transplant.

Male 88.9% to Female 11.1%

(All above statistics on hair transplant as per International society of hair restoration Surgery 2013 practice census Results )