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Ear Surgery Gurgaon – Reshape your Ears by Ear Surgery, Ear Otoplasty Surgery in Gurgaon offer by Dr. Raja the best Ear Surgeon in Gurgaon at average cost of ear surgery.
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OTOPLASTY FOR PROMINENT EARS / BAT EARS-- Among the numerous anomalies which can occur in the head and neck region, protruding ears are certainly one of the most common, The term Prominent Ears, refers to ears that regardless of size, stick out enough to appear abnormal, The three most common cause of prominent ears may be present alone or in combination – Underdeveloped antihelical fold, Disproportionately shaped cavity of Concha, or protruding ear lobe, Otoplasty are surgery of the Ears done for reconstructive and cosmetic purpose, The goal of Otoplasty is to set back the ears in such a way that the contours appear soft and natural, the setback is harmonious and there is no evidence of surgical intervention.


PATIENT EVALUATION –The overall size / shape of the ears is evaluated, It is important to note, if ear is prominent with an otherwise normal size and configuration, or are there abnormalities in addition to the prominence? Excessively large ears, Stahl’s ears, cryptotia, underdeveloped shell - like helical rims, postoperative deformities, cauliflower ears, elongated lobules or ear ring related deformities are noted, Determination of the shape, size, position of the auricle, Evaluation of the Auricle position ventrally, cranially, dorsally, and in profile, Determination of conchal scapha angle and mastoid scapha angle, Evaluation of Auricle shape (helix, antihelix, concha, lobule ), The preliminary examination should include an inspection of the external ear canal and tympanic membrane.


OTOPLASTY SURGERY, POSTOPERATIVE CARE AND COMPLICATIONS – The final operative plan for Otoplasty depends on the anatomic diagnosis of the deformity, The incision is made is made on the retroauricular crease and cartilage is exposed on its posterior surface And Otoplasty done, The end point is determined by confirming that when viewed from from the front the helical rim should be visible, poking out from behind the antihelix and when viewed from the side, the contours should be round and soft, A soft bulky dressing is placed post operatively, The purpose of the dressing is to protect the repair and to absorb the drainage, not to put pressure on the ears, A doughnut of gauze is placed around each ear specifically to avoid pressure on the auricles, The dressing is left in place for 5 -7 days depending on situation, The patient is instructed to wear loose headband at night only, The goal is to have no pressure on the ear during the day and only enough at night to prevent inadvertent pulling forward of the repaired auricle, The nocturnal head band is continued for 4-6 weeks, taking care that head band should be only tight enough, that it does not fall off, Sometimes rare complications like over correction, sharp edges, unnatural contours may be observed. **Ear Otoplasty Surgery – Looking for Ear Surgery in Gurgaon? Contact to Dr. Raja the best Ear Lift eon Gurgaon offers Otoplasty Ear Surgery urgery in Gurgaon Delhi NCR Mob. 7042355075**


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