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NIPPLE Increase/Decrease Surgery Gurgaon

INVERTED NIPPLE - It is a term used to describe an inverted, invaginated and retracted or umbilicated nipple ; it is usually a bilateral and can be hereditary in nature. Unilateral retraction or inversion is rare and is usually seconary to some acquired lesion. it is a very common condition and the patient usually first presents to their family physician with the complain, due to cosmetic embarrassment. The Effects of inversion of the nipple are both psychological ( majority of the patients are distressed by the abnormal appearance of the nipple and Inversion not only spoils the appearance of the breast but may even give rise to feelings of sexual inadequacy ) and functional. It may result in difficulty in suckling. There are considerable personal hygiene problems in patients with inverted nipples. The inverted nipple is notoriously difficult to cleanse and is at risk regard to infection and cracking of the nipples, particularly during lactation. There is little indication for operating on inverted nipples during pregnancy, as many patients with moderate degree of inversion successfully manage normal suckling with conservative measures. However patients who have attempted breast feeding but have found themselves unable to do so because of the inversion are candidates for surgical correction, which should be performed prior to any subsequent pregnancy.


In majority of the cases of inverted nipple, there are no need for alarm. But sometimes inversion of the nipple may be seconary to benign or malignant disease which causes contraction of the subjacent tissues. Examples are repeated inflamation and mammary duct ectasia which are followed by extensive subareolar fibrosis or fibrosis secondary to invasion to by tumour. The fibrosis may cause shortening and thickening of those parts of the mammary suspensory ligament, which extends into the subareolar region or may directly affect the tissues immediately below the nipple. It is because of this reason that even patients who come with complain of inverted nipple ( without any other associated complains) need a thorough physical examination of breast and axilla. Then if needed a Mammography, Bilateral Breast Ultrasound and FNAC should be done. Besides these all routine examinations like X ray chest, CBC has to be done for clearence for general Anaesthesia. Before commencing the surgery, all medications that interfere with coagulation should be stopped.


lthough non surgical treatment like Breast suction pumps are available but they are useful for only very mild varieties of Inverted nipple, or in cases where surgery cannot be done; and sometimes in post operative cases also. But in most cases Surgical option for treatment of inverted nipple remains the best option. There are many different techniques available for curing inverted nipple. It is almost impossible to identify one sole procedure as best and Cosmetic Surgeons, choose the procedure depending on their comfort level and past experience. The surgery is usually done under General Anaesthesia, for patient comfort, as a Day Care surgery ie a patient admitted in the morning for surgery can go home, in the evening.


The patient has to be on regular follow up, after the surgery. Non absorbable suture if used ( depending on the procedure ) is removed on 7-8th day. The patient is kept, on antibiotics and painkillers, to avoid pain. Local hygiene is very important. Although the surgery is remarkably complication free, but sometimes recurrence of the symptoms and inability to breast feed the baby, in next pregnancy can occur.**Nipple Surgery – Looking for Nipple Increase/Decrease surgery in Gurgaon? Contact to Dr. Raja the best Nipple Surgeon Gurgaon offers male & female Nipple size Increase//Decrease surgery in Gurgaon Delhi NCR Mob. 7042355075**


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