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Gluteal Augmentation, Buttock Augmentation Surgery Gurgaon
Gluteal augmentation for fat grafting, Buttock Augmentation Surgery done by Dr. Raja Banrejee for buttock fat transfer to make natural curve from waist to knee
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The norm of beauty for the gluteal region has changed radicaly over the years. The Rubenesque curves of the Renaissance are no longer acceptable to many womens of today. Contempory women search for an atheletic look with well defined curves in the buttock area. Standards of beauty include a well projected gluteus and a uniform line that on lateral view makes a natural curve from the waist to the knee.


PATIENT EVALUATION AND WORK UP – Candidates those who lack projection of the gluteal region and desire an improved shape of the gluteus. Ideal candidates are thin patient with an athletic build and little or no ptosis, these people get spectacular results. Over weight patients may also benefit from this technique but often require a more extensive liposuction in the same surgery. Lipodystrophy of the neighbouring areas also needs Liposuction. A systemic medical history is taken to rule out any other illness. Fourteen days before surgery patients are advised to suspend any aspirin, vitamin E or other medications that promote bleeding during surgery.


SURGERY PRINCIPLES -- Three days before they are instructed to consume a low fibre diet. The day before the surgery, the patient is given an enema and started on an antibiotic to avoid infection. General or Epidural anaesthesia is used for the procedure. If epidural anaesthesia is used, the catheter may be left in place for pain control after surgery. Elastic compression stockings and sequential compression pumps are used for deep venous thrombosis prophylaxis. The patient is placed in the operating table in the prone position. Care is taken to cushion the face and pressure sites such as the iliac spine and breasts. Temporary anal packing with betadine gauze, is done to prevent soiling and contamination of the surgical field. Surgery is started and the implant placed in the muscular pocket created, after checking haemostasis. The wound is closed over drains. As mentioned the most frequent procedure which may be combined with the gluteal implant is liposuction of the gluteal area and including the lower back, posterior thigh and lateral thighs. By combining these procedures, the result of the gluteal augmentation are positively enhanced. But increase in operation time and area; and associated problems should also be kept in mind, and balanced accordingly.


POST OPERATIVE CARE --Immediately after surgery, a compressive garment is used for 1-2 months. The urinary catheter is left in place for another day. The patients can start movings their legs and feet as soon as possible. Patient can lie in the lateral and prone position. Supine position is allowed, but pressure in the operated area, is avoided by appropriate placement, of pillows below leg. Patient is allowed ambulation 1 day after the surgery, but sitting is restricted to the bathroom only for the first 2-3 weeks. The vaccume drains may have to be left in place for 7-10 days and are removed only after the drainage is less than 30 ml per day. After 3 weeks, patient may return to normal activities, except for exercise and prolonged sitting. Exercise is permitted after 2 months, but patient are asked to refrain from activities that would apply pressure to the buttocks or stretch the incision, such as riding a bicycle or horse, which may lead to wound dehiscence. It is advisable to take good care of the scar for the next 3 months. Complications like Haematoma and seroma can be prevented to a great extent by taking adequate care during surgery. **Buttock Augmentation– Looking for Buttock Augmentation Surgery in Gurgaon? Contact to Dr. Raja the best Buttock Augmentation Surgeon Gurgaon offers gluteal augmentation in Gurgaon Delhi NCR Mob. 7042355075**


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