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HYMEN REPAIR - In Greek mythology, hymen is believed to be god of marriage ceremonies, without whose presence all marriage would be failure. In conservative cultures, the presence of a hymen without rupture in a virgin girl represents an indication of female pride and honor. Hymen is basically a membrane partially closing the external vaginal opening. Although it can also rupture due to rigorous physical activities or other reason besides sexual intercourse, but still some societies give emphasis in intact hymen before marriage. The surgery can be done both in General anaesthesia as well as under local anaesthesia. The patients are placed in dorso lithotomy position. The remanant of hymenal membrane is found. The the margins on two sides are freshened and sutured togther by using absorbable sutures. Neosporin ointment is applied over the suture line and no other dressing is required. Post operatively the patient is instructed to clean the area with warm water. It is normal to experience slight bleeding from the wound. If that happens applying gauze with little pressure will stop the bleeding. For pain Analgesic tablets are enough. Patient is also kept under an antibiotic cover for next 7 days. For first 2-3 weeks sport activities/ strainous activities should be avoided. Intercourse are to be avoided for a period of at least six weeks.


It is a surgery done to reduce the size of labia Minora in patient of Labial Hypertrophy. Labial hypertrophy can be both congenital or acquired. Repetitive stretching which can occur with multiple Pregnancies, can also contribute to labial hypertrophy. Women seek Labiaplasty surgery mostly for functional and aesthetic concern as a protruding labia minora that extends beyond the labia majora may lead to psychological, cosmetic or functional problems . Labial hypertrophy can also cause loss of self esteem and embarrassment for some women, as a hypertrophied labia minora may be very obvious when the patient is in a beach wearing a swimming costume. The other problems labial hypertrophy causes are -- interference with sexual intercourse, chronic local irritation, problems with personal hygiene during menses or after bowel movement and discomfort during walking, cycling or sitting. Goals of labiaplasty surgery include – reduction of hypertrophied labia minora, preservation of the introitus, optimal color match of the labial edge and minimal invasiveness. Labiaplasty is a day care surgery. The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia for patient comfort and rarely under local anaesthesia. There are many different surgical techniques like – Elliptical excision, Wedge excision, Zig Zag technique, Deepithelialization, and Double wedge technique (star labiaplasty surgery). Topical antibiotic ointment is applied to the incision immediately following surgery and applied 3 times a day for the first seven postoperative days. If bleeding occurs, the patient will have to apply pressure for 10 minutes with a surgery pad. It is advisable that the patient should use a sanitary pad at all times in her undergarments, until the wound has healed. The patient can take bath 2-3 days after the procedure. Patient should be seen postoperatively at 1 week and 1 month following the procedure. Return to normal work is possible between 4-5days. But use of Tampons or tight underwear and clothing is avoided for at least a month. Similarly the patient should avoided sexual intercourse for 1 month. Labiaplasty is a very safe surgery but very rarely some complications like haematoma, infection, pain and transient dyspaurenia may be seen.


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