Dr. Raja Banerjee

(Cosmetic Surgeon)


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  • Plastic/Cosmetic Surgeon
    The most beautiful makeup
    of a woman is passion
    But cosmetics
    are easier to buy.
    - Yves Saint-Laurent
    Plastic/Cosmetic Surgeon for Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery Gurgaon
  • Plastic/Cosmetic Surgeon
    Take Care
    of your body.
    Its the only place
    you have to Live in.
    Plastic/Cosmetic Surgeon for Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery Gurgaon
  • Plastic/Cosmetic Surgeon
    you never
    get a second chance,
    to make a
    first impression.
    - Andrew Grant
    Plastic/Cosmetic Surgeon for Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery Gurgaon
  • Plastic/Cosmetic Surgeon
    the World.
    - Friedrich Schiller
    Plastic/Cosmetic Surgeon for Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery Gurgaon

Finest Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon in Gurgaon

Aphrodite cosmetic center follows advance plastic surgery procedure If there is a defect on the soul, it cannot be corrected in the face; but if there is a defect on face and one corrects it, it can correct a soul.

Plastic/Cosmetic Surgeon in GurgaonWith this conviction we welcome you to a wonderland of plastic cosmetic surgery centre @Aphrodite, where dreams come true. "Dr. Raja: Best Plastic Cosmetic Surgeon in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR. Treat yourself from one of the top leading cosmetic surgeon in Sector-8 subhash Nagar, Gurgaon – Dr. Raja Banerjee – Quality plastic & Cosmetic surgery specialist including FaceLift, Skin, Hair Transplant, Abdominoplasty, Body & Breast Surgery.

"Revamp Yourself to Perfection"

Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon

We strongly agree with RW Emerson’s saying that love of beauty is taste and creation of beauty is an art. With us you get treatment of different aspects of cosmetic surgery and allied medicine. The treatment available include all the cosmetic problems, covering the whole of body like--- Hair Transplant, Facial Cosmetic Surgery ( ie Facelift), Eyelid bag removal, Nasal Deformity correction, Acne scar Treatment etc), Breast Implant, Breast Reduction (Both Male and Female), Liposuction,Tummy Tuck, Thigh skin Tightening, Skin Specialist Tattoo removal and also non surgical modalities like Botox and Fillers. All the Cosmetic & Plastic surgery treatments are provided to patients at very reasonable and affordable costs by best cosmetic and plastic surgeon. So next time you think of beautiful things, don’t forget to count yourself in.

Dr Raja Banerjee is a Leading Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon in Gurgaon. He has his own Cosmetic & Skin consultation clinic –Aphrodite Cosmetic Centre, at very approachable part of Gurgaon. He is among the very few best Plastic Surgeons in Gururgam, Delhi NCR who work only in field of Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery.
He has a good experience in treating patient of different ethnicity Like; Asians, Europeans, Latin Americans, People of African Descent due to hisextensive training and work, in field of Cosmetic surgery under world renowned cosmetic surgeons from INDIA, EUROPE, BRAZIL; after completion of his PLASTIC SURGERY TRAINING. Read More About Dr Raja Banerjee >>

Expert Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon Gurgaon Delhi NCR!

Dr. Raja Banerjee (Cosmetic Surgeon)

MBBS, MS, M Ch (Plastic Surgery)

Post Doctoral - National & International training in Cosmetic surgery from :-

  • India - Medanta (Gurgaon, Haryana)

  • Brazil - Instituto IVO Pitanguy - Rio De Janeiro

  • Brazil - Proplastica (Life Centre Hospital) - Belo Horizonte

  • Belgium - Coupure Centrum Voor Plastische Chirurgie - Gent

Cleopatra - Queen of Egypt