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Reduction mammoplasty can be defined as surgical reduction of Breast Volume to achieve a smaller, aesthetically shaped breast mound with concomittant relief of the potential symptoms of mammary hypertrophy. Reduction mammoplasty represents the clearest example of the interface, between reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. Although the avowed goals of this procedure are weight and volume reduction of the breast, aesthetic enhancement is often equally important. A great importance has been placed on preservation of both sensation and physiologic function of the Breast.


INDICATIONS FOR BREAST REDUCTION SURGERY -- Women seek to reduce the size of their breast for reasons both physical and psychological. The larger the Breast, the more difficult it becomes to exercise or find clothes that fits. The inability to exercise may potentiate a preexisting tendency to obesity and result in further deterioration in breast size. Heavy, pendulous breast cause heaviness, discomfort and a dragging sensation in the breast. It also causes neck, shoulder,arm and back pain as well as grooves from the pressure of the brassiere straps.As the breasts enlarges, the ease of finding a bra / clothing of appropriate size becomes increasingly difficult. The breasts themselves may be chronically painful and the skin in the inframmary region is subject to maceration and dermatoses. From a psychological point of view, excessively large breast can be troublesome focus of embarrasment for the teenager as well as a woman in her senior years. Unilateral hypertrophy with asymmetry heightens embarrassment. So it can be clearly said that Breast hypertrophy has a significant impact on womens lives, and a reduction surgery offers a real medical and psychological benefits to thes patients.


WORK UP/ INVESTIGATIONS BEFORE BREAST REDUCTION SURGERY – Patients family history of Breast Cancer is very important and should be known. Any other disease like Diabetes / Hypertension / Cardiac disorder must be cured /controlled before breast surgery. Ceasation of Cigarette smoking is very important for success of breast reduction surgery. Local examination of the breast and axilla is performed to exclude any masses. If any suspicious lesions are found Mammography and Ultrasound of the breast may be needed.


BASIC PRINCIPLE OF BREAST REDUCTION SURGERY - While the basic goal of Breast reduction surgery, is to reduce the heaviness of Breast - by decreasing it’s size, by removing proportionate skin, gland & fat from the breast ; but precautions are also taken to minimise the chance of decrease of sensation to Nipple Areolar complex & maintainance of the lactation quality of the breast. A cosmetic improvement in the appearance of the Breast is also an important factor, which is kept in mind, while doing Breast reduction surgery. Sometimes Liposuction is also used to reduce excess fat along the lateral chest wall and in the preaxillary areas.


POST OPERATIVE COURSE AND COMPLICATIONS -- Patients are discharged from the hospital, the day after surgery. Patients are encouraged to gradually increase their activities. Return to desk work may only take 1 to 2 weeks, whereas return to heavy physical activity may take several weeks. It takes some time for the resolution of the shape, any asymmetry or puckers. Complications like Haematoma, seroma, infection, numbness, scars can be prevented to a great extent by taking the correct precautions during surgery.

COST of the surgery may differ depending on the procedure used, if concurrent liposuction was done or not. As breast reduction surgery provides real benefits to patients, suffering from back & neck pain and other physical symptoms or discomforts ; so some Insurance Companies provide insurance cover for the surgery, which should be discussed by the patients with their insurance agents prior to surgery.


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