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Belt Lipectomy – Worried about Lipectomy? Get Belt Lipectomy Surgery in Gurgaon, Circumferential Lipectomy in Gurgaon by Lipectomy Surgeon Dr. Raja Banerjee.
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Circumferential Lipectomy, Dermolipectomy, Belt Lipectomy Surgery Gurgaon

Abdominoplasty treats deformities limited to anterior lower trunk. When deformities involve more than anterior abdomen other procedures are required. If the surrounding areas such as the thighs, buttocks, hip & lower back region contains excess of fat without ptosis, liposuction can be added to abdominoplasty to create a better overall lower truncal contour. However patients who present with generalised laxity and /or ptosis of areas, circumferential lipectomies are required. Massive weight loss patients make up the largest group of such patients, who require circumferential excision procedures. With popularity of Bariatric surgery, the numbers of these patients are also increasing. In addition, women who gain moderate weight usually with childbirth or ageing and are not able to lose the weight through normal means of exercise and nutritional changes may be candidates. The goals of the surgery include elimination of the hanging panniculus, mons pubis elevation, creation of waist definition (specially in women ), decrease or elimination of lower back rolls, lifting of the outer thighs and increase of the buttock definition.


CIRCUMFERENTIAL LIPECTOMY / BELT LIPECTOMY SURGERY -- Although a circumferential lipectomy is a combination of abdominoplasty,a lateral thigh lift and a buttock lift, the procedure is more complex than simply combining them. The lower trunk of patients who present with circumferential excess has shape of an inverted cone. A wedge of tissue is marked for proposed excision around the lower trunk. The wedge brings a narrower part of the cone down to the level of a wider part of the cone located at or near the pelvic rim. The anterior aspect of the wedge is wider (in vertical distance) than the lateral or posterior aspect. Some surgeon choose to combine extensive liposuction of the surrounding regions , such as lower back, upper back, thighs; whereas others limit their liposuction to the lateral thighs. The result attained from circumferential lipectomies depends to a great extent on the presentation of the patient and the type of procedure chosen. As a general rule, the lower Body Mass Index (BMI) of the patient at presentation, the better are the results that can be expected.

Post operative advice, after belt Lipectomy surgey -- Patient are advised to keep their waist flexed for 7 days after surgery, to minimise the chance of wound dehiscences. For prevention of thrombotic events patients are advised early ambulation & sequential compression garments.

Complications/Limitations of Belt Lipectomy

Complications/Limitations of belt Lipectomy -- A belt lipectomy is capable of creating excellent lower truncal contour by accentuating waist definition, delineating the buttocks from lower back, and lifting the lateral thighs, but it has limited capablity in lifting the distal thighs. The final scar after belt lipectomy is located above the widest aspect of the bony pelvic rim, at the junction between the lower back and buttocks, which may be visible outside of brief undergarments. Circumferential procedures are associated with more complications, compared to standard Abdominoplasty / Lipoabdominoplasty. Seromas are the most common complication with lower truncal procedure. They are due to large dissection surface and can develop anywhere in the surgical field but tend to be located posteriorly in a circumferential procedures. Patients, who present with high BMI ranges, are more likely to develop seromas.Occasionally a pseudo bursa can result from prolonged presence of seroma. Sometimes wound healing problems like wound dehiscences may be seen. Bleeding and vascular compromise are rare complications. **Belt Lipectomy – Looking for Belt Lipectomy Surgery in Gurgaon? Contact to Dr. Raja the best Belt Lipectomy Surgeon Gurgaon offers Circumferential Lipectomy surgery in Gurgaon Delhi NCR Mob. 7042355075**


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