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Looking for Keloid Removal Surgery in Gurgaon for Keloid Scars Treatment? ACC offers keloid scar removal at average cost of laser treatment for keloid scars.
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A Keloid is a response to a tissue injury, that develops after the injury has healed. In keloid there is a overgrowth of dense fibrous tissue. It extends beyond the borders of theoriginal wound. ( Whereas Hypertrophic scars remain within the boundries of the original wound ). It doesnot regress spontaneously and it has a tendency to recur after excision. The time between cutaneous injury and the onset of hypertrophic scar or keloid may vary from weeks to years. Keloids are more common in people of darker skin specially Africans and Asians. There is sometimes a family history and the sex distribution is equal. The different causes postulated are abnormalities of collagen turnover, an inherited dermal response to injury, genetic susceptiblity and hormonal factors. The areas usually involved are back, chest, shoulders and earlobes. The symptoms are usually cosmetic but sometimes it may be tender, painful, itchy or produce a burning sensation. Keloid over joint may contract and restict movement.


Keloid scar are difficult to treat in the sense, that there is a tendency for recurrence. No single treatment can be described as the best way of treating the condition; for optimal results combination of different modalities are advised, which are --


Intralesional steroid injections, with triamcinolone forms the backbone of prevention and cure. Injections are given 4-6 weeks of interval till improvement. Side effects like pigment changes, telangiectasis and subcutaneous atrophy, which may resolve are seen in very rare cases.


Excision of the keloid scar is a good treatment, as far as removal of the scar is concerned but there is a chance of recurrence. But it can be prevented to a very great extent by using meticulous surgical technique and; using surgery alongside with the other different modalities of treatment.

There are many other treatment options also available(which can be combined with surgery to give very good results ), which can be advised after examination and personal discussion with the patient. **Keloid Removal – Looking for Keloid Removal Surgery Gurgaon? Contact to Dr. Raja the best keloid surgeon Gurgaon offers Keloids, Keloid Scars Removal treatment in Gurgaon Delhi NCR Mob. 7042355075**


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