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Tattoo Removal – Get your tattoo remove from skin by Tattoo Removal Surgery in Gurgaon at average cost of tattoo removal by best surgeon Gurgaon – Dr. Raja.
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TATTOO - The process of marking the human skin by injecting a marking ink to produce a lasting impression of picture or emblem has given rise to the tattoos . The tattoo ink is actually present in the dermis layer of the skin , which gives rise to lasting effects . Tattoos may be sign of some kind of Affiliation to some political organisations or religious cult or a sign of affection to some person or institution . Nowadays it is very common to see some mark of heart or cupids bow or name of their loved ones , in a persons body . But these tattoos may become a cause of concern or embarressment in the future for some reason , when they want it to be removed . Besides Traumatic Tattooing is seen in Road Traffic Accident , when due to impact some foreign material enters the dermis and leaves it’s mark behind . A lot of person go for their initial treatment to some doctors , with laser treatment in mind . But Laser treatment takes multiple sittings , spread across many weeks to many months . But the downside of this procedure is that sometimes even after multiple sittings , the tattoo doesnot disappear or , in some cases it even worsens and become much darker in colour , than what it was initialy . Frustrated after spending a lots of time and money , and still no improvement , the patient turns to surgery for immediate benefits . It is here that the role a Cosmetic surgeons come into play .


SIMPLE EXCISION - The marking of the tattoo is done, in an elliptical manner ; so that the tattoo falls inside this ellipse. This is done while keeping the Relaxed skin tension lines in mind. Injection of Xylocaine – Adrenalin was done, for a pain free and Least blood loss surgery. Tattooed skin was excised with a scalpel . Wound closed in layers & ensuring that there is no tension in the surure line at the time of closure of the wound, to ensure minimum scarring in post operative period. in some cases support by adhesive tapes are also applied, so as to prevent stretching of the scar . Stretching of the scar can also be prevented by keeping wound sutured edges slightly everted.

SERIAL EXCISION - This technique of excision is used for larger tattoos, where in a single sitting the whole of the tattoo can not be removed . In this kind of surgery only a part of the tattoo is removed at one sitting. The remaining part is again removed in next or more multiple sittings, keeping sufficient gap between them ; for the skin to get back it’s elasticity. The downside of this procedure is, it may not be possible to do this when an entire limb or whole of trunk is involved.

EXCISION AND SKIN GRAFTING - It is used for large Tattoos. Skin graft can be taken from the thigh and applied to the raw area, created by excision of the Tattoo. This may require the use of general Anaesthesia .

POST OPERATIVE CARE - Depending on the site, the suture should be removed between 5-8 days. Patient are kept nder cover of antibiotics and pain killers medications. By routine use of Compression Garments and silicon Sheets, resulting scars can be reduced to minimum. **Tattoo Removal – Looking for Tattoo Removal Surgery in Gurgaon? Contact to Dr. Raja the best Tattoo Removal surgeon Gurgaon offerrow Lift n Gurgaon Delhi NCR Mob. 7042355075**


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