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Upper arm tightening is requested increasingly by women over the age of 60. Many patients who wish to improve the shape of the upper arm have a considerable surplus of skin. The cause can be massive weight loss, but the process of skin ageing can also leave such signs. The only way this surplus skin and the wrinkles can be eliminated is by surgical excision. The job of the cosmetic surgeon is to position this in such a way that it is on the medial side of the upper arm and to ensure that the resection of the skin is carried out so generously that the entire upper arm region is tightened .


PATIENT EVALUATION & WORK UP – All routine tests for surgery under General anaesthesia like - Complete Blood Count, ECG, and Chest Xray are done. Other Co morbid conditions like Cardiac and respiratory problems, Diabetes and increased blood pressure; should be under total control, for smooth recovery in the post operative period. The patient is evaluated for extent of the Adiposity and skin excess of the arm and axilla. The degree of upper arm tapered sagging along the posterior margin from the axilla and the elbow towards the most hanging centre is estimated. The enlarged and deep axilla is analysed. The ideal candidates have sagging skin that more than doubles, the expected width of the upper arm.


PRINCIPLES / TECHNIQUE OF BRACHIOPLASTY --- The surgery is almost always done under general anaesthesia. The surgery which may be combined with Brachioplasty is Liposuction. It is done in oversized, obese arms before Brachioplasty. Upper arm tightening is not technically difficult. The thick skin / fat flap are dissected off the fasciae, protecting the nerves and the vessels, following exact marking of the incision line. The same basic principle applies to all operations to tighten the skin, namely the flap is mobilised and, following appropriate measurement, is then fixed in place in stages with key sutures, so that neigther too much or too little skin is removed. The resection border will then be sutured without tension and no surplus. The wound is closed in two layerd suture layers, after maintaining proper haemostasis. This ensures better strength to the closed wound and a cosmetic better scar. The arm incision is covered with gauze and bandage dressing.


POSTOPERATIVE CARE & COMPLICATIONS -- The arms are kept elevated in pillows.The dressing is removed on the first postoperative day. The steristrips are left in place for 8 days. During this time, there is antibiotic prophylaxis. The patient should avoid physical exertion for a period of 3 weeks in order to permit undisturbed wound healing. After removal of sutures, the scar should be treated by moisturising ointment and standard scar reducing manoeuvers are done. Sometimes hypertrophic scarring may occur, if standard precautions for getting a fine scar are not undertaken. Infection and wound healing complications may occur very rarely. **Arm Lift – Looking for Arm Lift Surgery in Gurgaon? Contact to Dr. Raja the best Arm Lift surgeon Gurgaon offers Arm Lift Brachioplasty surgery in Gurgaon Delhi NCR Mob. 7042355075**


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