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Lip reduction is a surgery which is done classicaly for reduction of lip volume. The aim is to get finally Upper and Lower Lip that are proportionate to each other, and to the rest of the face. Macrocheila or excessively prominent lip, is not just a cosmetic problem. It also may cause functional problems like incompetence and drooling ( due to improper closure of the mouth ). It can also cause diffiulty in speech and affects a persons confidence, in front of people. Prominent Lips are more commonly seen in Asian and Africans, as compared to Europeans. Patients come to the doctor for different reasons -- for correction of overtly prominent lip causing disfigurement, drooling and speech aberations. But most of the people coming for treatment are bothered about their appearance only and may not have any other presenting symptoms.


As lips are one of the most aesthetically appearing and functionally important part of lower face, so befor surgery a complete examination of the whole face and relationship to neighbouring structures like eyes, nose, chin are very important. It should be ascertained if any lip augmentation procedure was done previously, which may have caused excessively large lips. It should be ascertained that the patient does not have any associated problems or active inflamation are not present. Diabetes and Blood pressure problems should be under total control befor surgery. Cigarete smokers should be advised to stop smoking. Patients are explained that the recovery phase may take one to three weeks, depending on the swelling. Patients should stop applying lipstick, from the day before surgery.


The goal should be removal of all hypertohied glands, fibrosed tissue. A rough idea about the amount to be removed, can be obtained by pinching the tissue. Local anesthetic – haemostatic solution is injected for patient convenience and to reduce the bleeding. By number 15 blade the previously marked area is excised and haemostasis is achieved by cautery. Basically the surgery entails removal of the mucosa, submucosa, glandular tissue and some muscle. Care is taken to preserve the cupid bow of the lip and to make the final scar invisible from outside. Finally the wound is closed is closed by absorbable chromic or vicryl sutures. No dressing is required. Lip reduction surgery can be done along with other facial rejuvenation procedure.


In the initial stages the lips and mouth feel tight. Post operatively pain is minimal, but pain killers are prescribed for patient comfort. Cold compress is used to minimise swelling, but it takes a couple of weeks for the swelling to finally settle down. It will help if the patient sleeps with the head slightly elevated. Some short of diet modifications will be needed in the initial days like—avoiding very hot food, or food which are acidic in nature and very hard in consistency. The final cosmetic results also take some time to manifest & the patience is very much required to wait for this to happen. Use of antiseptic mouth wash solution and oral antibiotics, play very important role in preventing infection. Initialy the suture line will be visible due to edema, bur as swelling decreases, the suture line will get hidden. Most of the time the mucosal scars heal very nicely without any complications but very rarely hypertrophic scar, asymmetry, hyperesthesia & mucocele formation can take place. **Lip Reduction –Looking for Lip Reduction Surgery in Gurgaon? Contact to Dr. Raja the best Lip Reduction Surgeon Gurgaon offers Cheiloplasty, Lip Reduction Surgery in Gurgaon Delhi NCR Mob. 7042355075**


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