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Fat Injections: Transfer fat for face wrinkle reduction, malar, lip, acne scarring, facial hemiatrophy, fat injection, and fat grafting Surgery in Gurgaon done by Dr. Raja.
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Fillers can be described in simple terms as implantable substance that can be used to improve soft tissue defects and deficiencies, like wrinkles and folds/ furrows. When Fillers are used in the lower face along with Botox in the upper face, remarkable results can be obtained in softening the effects of aging and providing a more youthful and rested appearance of the face .

Qualities of an ideal filler are that; It should produce pleasing cosmetic results, with a minimum of undesirable reactions ie it should be nonteratogenic, noncarcinogenic, nonallergic and non migratory. The material must provide predictable, persistent correction through standard implantation techniques.

Most modern fillers are derivatives of one of those; like Hyaluronic acid, Polymethylmethacrylate, Calcium hydroxylpatite, Dimethylsiloxane, Collagen & Fat

Some of the common use of Filler injections in Face is; Horizontal forehead lines, glabellar lines, Crows feet, Nasolabial Lines, fine lip lines, Marionette lines, Shallow acne scars and excisional scars.

Role of Fat as Fillers –

Fat has been used as an injectable agent since the early 1900s.Fat is one of the most appealing materials for filler injections; as it is non allergenic and it is available from numerous, easily available donor sites ; from where it can be easily harvested. The thighs, buttocks and knees, and the abdomen are the donor sites most often used. The fat is easily harvested by standard liposuction techniques.

It is used at a much deeper level in the skin than collagen and is used mostly for gross corrections. Sites most suitable for correction with microlipoinjection are; the dorsum of hand , depressed temples, hollow cheeks, deep nasolabial grooves, commissures of the mouth and defects caused by liposuction, lipodystrophy, traumatic and other surgical defects. Fat filler injection has also been used for Malar, lip and Chin augmentation & also for wide based acne scarring and facial hemiatrophy. A fresh fat provides a much longer duration of correction than frozen fat and also the fat survival is increased in areas with least movement & when there is sufficient gap present between deposited fat cells, for adequate nutrition.

The basic technique of fat injection entails collection of Fat, done by standard Liposuction technique. To place the fat, appropriate anaesthesia is used and a 16 to 18 gauge needle is attached to the injecting syringe, and the syringe containing the fat is inserted at the recipient site and the material injected at the level of the subcutaneous space. Special non traumatic cannulas can also be used for the injection of fat. Molding after implantation is frequently used.

Side effects like swelling, bruising, edema, asymetry, lump formation, bleeding and infection can occur but can be decreased to a great extent, by skill of the operating Cosmetic Surgeon. **Fat Filler Injections –Looking for fat grafting Surgery in Gurgaon? Contact to Dr. Raja the best Fat grafting surgeon Gurgaon offers fat injection surgery in Gurgaon Delhi NCR Mob. 7042355075**


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